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  Since 1987, beginning by selling healthy goods, this couple devoted themselves to candy manufacture after they took over the facilities and have been given instructions on candy manufacture by chance. In the initial stage, they had been facing failure and frustration when they tried to produce brittle and preservable coating candy. When other manufacturers gave up due to profit considerations, they were unwilling to give up and devoted their efforts to find out the secrets of coating. Because they were so enthusiastic and persistent, they finally found out the secrets. Every drop of fudge is under eighteen steps within twelve days. This complicated process preserves not only its delicious taste but various nutrients. Therefore, every drop is delicious and healthy.
       E-NOON BIO-TECH FOOD CO., LTD is a professional bio-tech food factory, certificated by ISO 22000 and HACCP. The quality of products and the customers are high on our list of priorities. We also emphasize the entire staff participation, focus on product improvement, take safety as our priority, and devote ourselves to innovative invention. Furthermore, working as processing agency, designing packages and owning the best invention team ensures our best service for customers.
  ‧榮獲 ISO 22000 國際品質保證認證
‧榮獲 HACCP 安全管制系統認證

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