About E.NOON


  • Key Skill: Brittle fudge takes 18 steps to be completed. Much effort has been spent to develop the skills in manufacturing its crispy coating. This key skill explains why we successfully receive orders from everywhere.
  • Reduce the product inventory: Particular attention is paid to food sanitation. Products do not be manufactured until the orders are received. The packaging and shipping is under good control to keep the inventory at low level.
  • Employees’ loyalty is high: the biggest problem of owing a manufacturer is human resources. ‘When the demand for merchandise is high, the company is short of manpower; when the demand is low, the surplus of manpower is a problem.’ However, our factory never lay off workers when there was economic depression since its establishment eighteen years ago. This is why the the flow rate of employees is low.
  • Years of experiences in the retail business help invention: although being at the production end, our experiences in the retail business are of much help in customer communication and in our invention ability. The picture is Slim Q gummy candy and sugar-free gummy candy.
  • Clear market position, transformation by receiving international orders: Keeps self-upgrading enables us to receive international orders. Our company is certificated by GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, and BLC.
  • Stay behind the scene, focus on subcontract manufacturing: when others talk about brand, we chose to stay behind the scene. We work as contract manufacturer for companies such as Disney, Sanrio (HELLO KITTY), 7-Eleven (Open-chan), Wei-lih food industrial Co., LTD. (Zhang Jun Ya), Taiwan Frente Company LTD. (Pinky), to name just a few.

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