Milk Chew

Milk Chew

Milk chew is one of the most popular candy. Made of best-chosen milk, the milk chew is exceptionally creamy with intense aroma of milk that will melt in your mouth. Milk chew, coffee milk chew, strawberry chew, yogurt chew, grape chew, sesame chew and so fourth satisfy your desire for dessert. The nutrious and healthy milk chew contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidus, Lactoferrin, Calcium Lactate, etc. Do you remeber the moment when the milk chew wrapped in colorful paper melts on the tongue and its aroma releases in the mouth? It is a sweet and satisfying moment. Now in addition to your reminiscences about that moment, let your children own their reminiscences about the moment when they put the candy in the mouth.

Milk chew/ Goat milk chew

Milk chew is made of translucent and chewy collagen that uses as stablizer in the milk chew to make the milk chew have fine silky texture. The output of milk chew is as high as 15 tons per month. The process of making milk chew is complicated. To improve its flavor, the fresh milk is added into the milk chew so that it has intense aroma of milk.

Each chew contains

Vitamin A/ B complex/ Vitamin C/ Vitamin D/ Vitamin E/ Folic acid/ Oligofructose/ Lactobacillus Acidophilus/ Bifidus/ Green algea/ Blue-green algea/ Niacin/ Collagen/ Beta Carotene/ Cod liver oil/ Yogurt/ Lactoferrin/ Calcium Lactate/ Propolis/ EPA/ DHA/ Chitin/ Catechins/ Brown sugar/ Chinese medicine powder, juice and so forth could also be added into the milk chew




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