Goat milk tablet/ Milk tablet/ Fruity tablet +Ca/ Vitamin C tablet
Good texture, different shapes, healthy
Goat milk tablet, milk tablet, Vitamin C tablet, Mix tablets and so forth are familiar to us. Tablets are preservable and have good texture, which are your best choice to supplement your children's diet. Its different shapes attract the children, too.

Milk tablet/ Goat milk tablet/ Fruity tablet + ca/ Vitamin C tablet/ Wheat germ+ca/ Blueberry yogurt chew/ Spitulina tablet/ Fresh breath mint tablet

Nutritious Tablets, different shapes, various flavors

Click, click...the monotone of tablet making machine is continuous. In this clean working place, workers are diligent and hard-working. E-noon's nutritious tablets contain best-chosen ingredients, fruity powder and various high-unit nutrients. It takes at least 4 steps, which are grind, mix, pelletize, and dry, to make a tablet. The outpus of tabltets is as high as 20 tons per month. It has different shapes, including drop shape, round shape, oval shape, mini oval shape, kitty shape, heart shape, star shape. Its shape could also be customized. You will be attracted to its different cute shapes before you taste it.

Grinding and pelletizing make the tablets easy to be dissolved and easy to be absorbed

Grinding and pelletizing make fine granule easily dissolved in water. You can dissolve the tablets in water, juice or milk to increase the absorbency of nutrition. It is not only healthy but has good texture.


Chinese medicine powder/ Fruity/ customized flavor


Quadrangle (one tablet or two tablets per piece)/ Retort pouch/ Plastic bottle/ Box/ Bag/ Jar

Color and flavor

Orange/ Milk/ Lemon/ Apple/ Strawberry/ Grape/ Almond/ Yogurt/ Pineapple/ Grapefruit/ Peach/ Blueberry/ Muskmelon/ Butter/ Passion fruit/ Blue-green algae/ Cherry/ Cranberry/ Banana/ Litchi/ Mint




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