Crispy Candy l Crispy Chocolate Coating

Crispy Candy

Do you want to take as many nutrients as possible when you eat the candy? Then you must try our crispy gummy candy with jelly core. In addition to the jelly core, the nutrients are also added into the crispy coating. With ingredients suggested by many scholars along with our cutting-edge technology, we find the best way to ensure the nutrients of candy. It is troublesome that your children have prejudice against some food. The delicious nutritious crispy gummy candy could be a way to take care of your family’s health.

Crispy coating, jelly core, rich in nutrients

Crisp Jelly candy has a soft core with a crisp sugar coating that is rich in nutrition. Each Crisp Jelly candy takes 18 steps and 12 days to be coated to ensure each gummy candy contains as many nutrients as possible. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to add high percentage of nutrients in each Crisp Jelly candy and avoids its nutrition to be spoiled by the high temperature in the production.

Each Crisp Jelly candy contains

Vitamin A/ B complex/ Vitamin C/ Vitamin D/ Vitamin E/ Folic acid/ Iron/ Calcium/Zinc/ Oligofructose/ Lactobacillus Acidophilus/ Bifidus/ Green algea/ Blue-green algea/ Niacin/ Collagen/ Beta Carotene/ Cod liver oil/ Yogurt/ Lactoferrin/ Calcium Lactate/ Propolis/ EPA/ DHA/ Chitin/ Catechins/ Brown sugar/ Sea salt/ Chinese medicine powder, juice, customized flavor and so forth.

Color / Flavor

Orange/ Milk/ Lemon/ Apple/ Strawberry/ Grape/ Almond/ Yogurt/ Pineapple/ Grapefruit/ Peach/ Blueberry/ Muskmelon/ Butter/ Passion fruit/ Blue-green algae/ Cherry/ Cranberry/ Banana/ Litchi/ Mint


Quadrangle/ Twist/ Retort pouch/ Plastic bottle/ Can/ Jar/ Box




Crispy Chocolate Coating

It melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Put the candy in your pocket and have one in your leisure time to relax yourself.

Soft fruity gummy / Jelly candy coverd in rich chocolate, a little sweet, a little sour, makes you addicted to it and changes your impression of the chocolate.

Flavors and Colors With Chocolate coating

Pink -  Strawberry Gummy / Jelly Candy
Yellow - Pineapple Gummy/ Jelly Candy
Green - Cantaloupe Gummy / Jelly Candy
Orange - Orange Gummy / Jelly Candy
Purple - Grape Gummy / Jelly Candy
Brown - Milk Toffee core with black Chocolate coating
White - Milk Toffee core with White Chocolate coating


Quadrangle/ Twist/ Retort pouch/ Plastic bottle/ Can/ Jar/ Box




Sofy Thoat Lozenge

Concentrate loruat, carambola, grass, ginger juice, fruit flavor in a small thoat candy, containing the fragrance in the mouth, not very sweet feeling, wake up your senses, body and mind.

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