Gummy Candy

Gelatin Gummy Candy

The gelatin gummy candy has chewy texture and different shapes. It also contains fruit juice and is rich in nutrients. Gelatin is a solid substance derived from the collagen mainly inside the animal's skins. Gelatin is irreversibly hydrolyzed form of collagen. Collagen fiber is the most commonly found protein in mammals and it makes up 25 to 35% of the whole body protein. The output of gelatin gummy candy is as high as 100 tons per month.

Improve innutrition and body immunity system

Gummy candy is a nutritious soft sweet. Its natural ingredients contain rich vitamins and proteins, which could be found in our staple food, rice. As compared with rice, the ingredients of the gummy candy are more pure and easier to be digested. Enjoy the nutritious gummy candy in the snack time. It not only satisfies your desire for sweets but supplements your nutrition.


Heart-shaped/ Star-shaped/ Triangle-shaped/ Quadrangle-shaped/ Round-shaped/ Cone-shaped/ Disc-shaped/ Rice-dumplings-shaped/ Oval-shaped/ Cartoon-character-shaped/ Animal-shaped/ Taiwanese island shaped/ Fruit shaped/ Miniature figure shaped/ Customized shape




Chewy Fruity Gummy Candy

Your children love chewing gums but they might swallow them. Chewy fruity gummy candy is your best choice. They can enjoy its chewy texture and swallow it. Chewy fruity gummy candy has a soft core with a crispy sugar coating, which contains various nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin C. You don’t need to worry if your children swallow the gummy candy. It is as chewy as the chewing gums but melts on the tongue.

Chewy gummy candy, exclusive product

The core of chewy fruity gummy candy is made of specialized sugar with juice and various nutrients. It has to be stirred for several times to make it soft and chewy. With our cutting-edge coating technology, its sugar coating is not only crispy but nutritious since its coating contains various nutrients. Chewy gummy candy is an exclusive product to our company. To make the gummy candy takes 15 steps and 10 days. The output of chewy gummy candy is as high as 15 tons per month. Each step is crucial to its crispy coating and chewy texture. Without the shortcoming of causing indigestion, the chewy gummy candy could be substituted for the chewing gums in your leisure time.

Each gummy candy contains

Vitamin A/ B complex/ Vitamin C/ Vitamin D/ Vitamin E/ Folic acid/ Oligofructose/ Lactobacillus Acidophilus/ Bifidus/ Green algea/ Blue-green algea/ Niacin/ Collagen/ Beta Carotene/ Cod liver oil/ Yogurt/ Lactoferrin/ Calcium Lactate/ Propolis/ EPA/ DHA/ Chitin/ Catechins/ Brown sugar/ Chinese medicine powder, juice and so forth could also be added into the gummy candy




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